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It's the thought that counts, but the reaction that's most fulfilling..



Receiving gifts is tied with quality time for being my love language. Although not required, receiving gifts is always welcomed.  


Don't know where to start? Want a guide?


        Well, this is where you start! P.S. The links are interactive!  

Everyday/ Home

Personal Maintenance




  • Jet Blue

  • Louis Vuitton

For the individual who appreciates visuals


      Sponsor a photoshoot!

            Here are the photographers I fancy.


If you sponsor a photo shoot, you get never behind the scene photos that are made for you, and no one else. 

Want to help with the location?

Air Bnb, and Verbo are great ideas, you can also inquire about what my theme is for my shoot.

             Please inquire about upcoming photoshoots via email. 

My amazon wishlist (which is updated regularly) is available here.

              All gift cards or any questions regarding specifics on gifting are sent to:

            Feel free to send me a message if any questions regarding gifts!

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