Goosebumps as you wait, not scared, but anxious.. ready 



Please allow me up to 48hrs to respond to your booking requests. This starts when you send in your screening information which is explained here. This gives me time to personally process your request. I do not have an assistant. With that being said, please bear with me and thank you for your patience. You can either use the booking form or email the necessary information to my email on contact page. 


First impressions are everything. I take pride in my personal hygiene and I expect the environment and my suitor to take practice good hygiene as well. Please make sure that before my performance that everything is fresh, I want to remember your scent like you want to remember my words.


I want the entire experience to be enjoyed  and remembered. I won't tolerate anyone being under the influence of heavy drugs or alcohol. If I feel that our time can be compromised by either of these, the booking will be ended,  for the sake of my safety. The booking fee will be kept.


Since I do have a civilian job, I do have a strict cancellation policy. I make time to prep myself from my make the experience something to remember. My cancellation policies are as follows:


Within 48-hours: Cancellation fee of 25%.

24-hours or less: 50% of  the initial booking


My main love language is receiving gifts, and although not required, generosity is very attractive to me. It shows selflessness and attentiveness.  If you are inclined to gift me in appreciation .The following page will have a list of my favorites.