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The more you know her.. the more you'll be inside her..

Where were you born and are currently located?

Born and raised in the Big Apple. I am in love with this city with what it has to

offer: from the food and the ways you can keep yourself busy, it's amazing!


What sign are you?

Gemini for astrology lovers!

Tattoos/ piercings?

No tattoos (too scared), piercings, just ears for me!


What is your background?

I’m a delicious mix of West Indian, Venezuelan, and Irish.

Can I see your face before we meet?

I cover my face due to various reasons, mainly for privacy, I promise my face is eye-catching with my exotic mix, my facial features have a combination of both. So, unfortunately, I can't show it, however, I will again stress you won't be disappointed. 

Did you graduate from college?

Yes, I did! I hold an associates degree and a bachelors. I am looking to continue my education to get my MD.

I heard from a little birdie that you can write, how long have you been writing poetry?

I have been writing poetry since elementary school. It started as stories, but then I realized that writing is my passion and I can express myself freely and honestly. I always have a book in my bag just in case I get inspired to write something. I write based on emotion, so I always am told that my poetry is relatable. 

What do you like to do in your spare time in addition to poetry?

If I'm not writing my heart away, I like to: act, read, listen to music, explore the world for what it has to offer,  play with animals (especially horses), and study fashion. I am a hopeless romantic, so a lot of my writing is on love, which makes sense since my favorite movie is Grease. I also am big on my self-maintenance, so I spend time working out, to keep myself in check. I have a big appreciation of the arts in addition to writing, I wander to museums and different exhibits across the city. I also took up an interest in architecture and interior design. One of my favorite shows is, " The world's most extraordinary " homes, and I love finding out the stories, inspiration, and technique which goes into these homes. 

What are your favorite cuisines?

Well, I enjoy various cuisines, Italian being a personal favorite, but Seafood and Caribbean/ Latin cuisines do-follow. I have an interest in fine dining, and I do like to read about restaurants. Ambiance is everything because I love playing dress-up. It excites me to put on a nice red dress that will hug me in the right places.

How big are your breasts?

Haha, I get this question a lot! Fun fact when I was in high school, there was a rumor that they were fake. I'm a natural firm 34DDD/E. If you don't believe me, I would advise you to sign up for my Onlyfans, where you can get an up-close and personal view. 

Do you take requests?

I do take requests as long as I'm comfortable with them. In your form or email, write your requests, whether it be an outfit or a poetry type. In my reply back, I will let you know if your request can be filled. The same goes for time requests.

Can I See You with a Friend?

Of Course! I have plenty of friends in different areas of the world that can tag along. Just keep in mind that a Couplet is the minimum time and their rate matching is required if there is a discrepancy between providers’ rates.  No exceptions.


What sort of gifts do you like?

Well since I love to write I love pens,  as well as books/ stationery. I like to travel, so travel gift cards will be useful as well. Gift cards that would also make me smile are: Sephora, Agent Provocateur, Saks, Barnes & Noble, Honey Birdette & of course visa gift cards are best when you just can't choose which one !! I have a gift list here if you are curious! 

Are You Vaccinated?

Yes, I am, I have been fully vaccinated with Pfitzer as of 4/5/2021.

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