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Unexpected beginnings bring the best ends....

Don't you think?


The thrill of spontaneity, combined with the anticipation of the unknown, wrapped with a bit of temptation can lead you to tap into a feeling you never felt before.

Let's explore that.


I’m Nova, and I’m a woman of many faces. If what you seek is a sweet, sensual escape from your everyday life, look no further. Just take a step in, and let me pull you into my sweet, intoxicating world.


Born and raised in New York, I grew up in a multicultural household, with an eclectic mix of West Indian, Brazilian, and Irish heritage. My mixed background has given me not only my unique looks but a love of immersing myself in new cultures. 


My body exudes femininity— curvaceous and feminine with a natural 34E bust. My voice is irresistibly sultry— melliferous and ever so smokey. My skin is sun-kissed and golden as if the sun was my personal assistant.


My personality is best described as bubbly and inviting. My smile is bright and is something I get complimented on often. My laughter, is infectious, and I love to make people smile. My extraverted nature makes it easy for me to form friendships, even when I’m vacationing solo.


Poetry captured my heart at a young age, and I find so much joy in expressing myself through it. Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic at heart? In an era where most people depend on cyber communication, it’s important to take a moment to be in the present. Meaning no phone, television, or iPad. For me, it’s just a pen, notebook, and maybe a special someone to share the love poem with. Ok, I’m definitely a hopeless romantic. I’m the type of woman who loves little old-fashioned romance—love letters, roses, chivalry... it all makes my heart melt. 


I can’t wait to share a moment of romantic bliss with you.

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