Don't let distance disconnect us 

Limited spots are available for individual attention, please email with any questions.



For the individual who isn't one of many words. They need a connection by using media.

This is for you, I currently have an Onlyfans and a Manyvids account in which you can indulge in exclusive adult content.





If you are a first responder or essential worker, you can redeem special pricing to my Onlyfans. You will be screened. Please send an email with your information and proof.


This is for the individual like myself enjoys the art of writing out their thoughts whether its through text or email. 


Meeting go too long?  Want to talk about the current topics in the news? You just need someone to talk to for a bit? This is for you.

This includes 1 hour of messaging whether its email or text, includes one custom photo. 



If you want to spice things up for the 1 hr we can! 

$150, includes one custom adult photo.



You need more than the hour? The conversation is going so well you need more? This is for you. Let's get build together and know our ins and out until we finally meet.


This includes unlimited messaging whether its mail or text. 


Add unlimited visuals?

$500= unlimited everyday photos/videos

$800= unlimited adult photos/videos


If you need it all, audio, visual, and a penpal, this is the closest you can get. This is the package is for the individual who needs passion and visuals.


Includes unlimited messaging whether its email or text, 5 20 minute phone calls, and unlimited photo/videos (plain and adult) 


A- La Carte

Need something just for the moment? This section is for you.

Custom Visuals

$10= a photo.

$50= a bundle of 6 (clothed, lingerie)


$20= a photo

$100=a bundle of 6


$50= 2 minutes

$200=5 minutes

$35=per additional min.



$100= 2 minutes

$300=5 minutes

$75=per additional min.


-light screening required

-based on availability


$150= 20min

$100= each additional 10 minutes (if available